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Fun on the court

Whilst i’ve never been what i would call an athlete, i do like to keep somewhat fit and in recent years found my daily routine was lacking in the exercise department to say the least. So after suitable prompting from the girlfriend i decided something must be done and i started to play squash with some of the guys from work who had regular games going. It was great, i was soon feeling the benefits of the exercise and reaping the rewards however i knew something wasn’t quite right for after each session i would feel my lower back begin to stiffen up within hours. At first i just presumed this was just a temporary thing whilst my muscles got used to their new regime, but as the months progressed my back problems only got worse till it got to the point that i would need to rest for hours after each game and it was starting to effect other areas of my life, not least my girlfriend complaining about me constantly asking for massages!

It was actually my boss who suggested i try a massage chair and to be honest i was a little skeptical at first, i mean i’m only 37 years old and in the prime of my life still, or at least that’s what i tell my partner though i’m not sure she agrees! I’d always known about the benefits of massage after exercise however wasn’t sure it was going to be able to help me with my lower back problems. After some ribbing from my workmates my boss joined in and suggested a simple bet, beat him at squash and i can take the rest of the day off, and if i lose i must try his massage chair for the weekend. Easy enough, i was already planning what to do with my day off! Needless to say i was absolutely thrashed by him at squash and my fate was decided.

To cut a long story short, i was skeptical still till about 15 minutes into my session in the chair. At first i could feel the chair doing it’s thing as i sat in it however it wasn’t alleviating any of the stiffness in my back, however the longer i sat in it i realized the chair was actually gently rotating my lower back and slowly but surely the stiffness was easing up. After 30 minutes in the chair there was a definite improvement in my back and i was eager for more, i just couldn’t believe that the stiffness that usually takes a good 3 hours to ease was almost gone! I mean i wouldn’t say i was dancing around the room but i was certainly feeling active and eager to get home to my girlfriend to discuss it.

After talking it over with her she agreed that despite the cost it would be a worthwhile investment, not least as she would get her Thursday evenings back which until now had been mostly spent massaging my back and listening to my whining. So we had decided, now it was just a case of placing an order which is where the problems began. There’s quite a lot of models on the market as we soon found out from a quick googling and to be honest most of their sites where simply full of sales speak and we found it difficult to compare the features of one chair versus that of another. It was tempting just to go with the same make and model that my boss has, after all i knew it worked for me and that was the most important thing, however i also knew just how much he’d paid for it and that it may be a little out of our budget range.

So between the pair of us we set about drawing up a list of the most popular chairs we could find and their relative features so we could compare them ourselves when it occurred to me that this list would probably be of use to anyone else looking for their perfect massage chair and thus, this site was born!

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