The world of massage chairs is awash with acronyms and abbreviations so hopefully our little glossary will help guide you.

  • Airbags – Focused primarily on the arms and legs, these surround the larger muscles and are used to gently grip and compress them as they apply gentle pressure. However in the more recent chairs we’re seeing these used ever more creatively to provide a gentle rotation of body parts such as the lower back.
  • Motors – These little beauties are at the core of any massage chair and simply put, they are a small electric dc motor motor that spins a shaped weight to produce a vibrating “wobble” effect. If any of you are familiar with the likes of Xbox and ps3 controllers then they use the same effect only on a smaller scale and indeed your mobile phone uses the same principle on an even smaller scale.
  • Rollers – These are what produce the deeper massages and are essentially they replicate the masseurs hands enabling a deep muscle penetration  via wheels that travel the course of your back. These wheels usually feature micro massage motors that add a soothing vibrating effect to the wheels as they move against you.
  • Shiastsu – Roughly translating to “finger pressure”, Shitasu is a type of massage that originated in ancient china and is still popular to this day in many parts of the world. Comprising of a series of massage techniques, movements and applied pressure that is thought to promote the flow of chi through the bodies various meridians. Whilst this has yet to be scientifically proven, there can be no doubting the relaxation properties of this type of massage.
  • Zero G Position – Much to my disappointment, this has little to do with space travel and is more to do with the position your body is in whilst your sitting in the chair. It’s name comes from the position astronauts and race car drivers sit in whilst reclining in their seat and it enables the body to evenly distribute the weight and stress it bears across the entire body instead of bearing down on one point.
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